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5-Axis Machining and Automated Multi-Tasking Centers

Whether machining simple or complex components, we harness the power of advanced machining and automation with state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machines and multi-tasking turning centers.


Automated “Lights Out” Manufacturing Operations = Reduced Lead Times

  • Pairing 5-axis machines with automated, palletized systems.


Increased Accuracy, Efficiency, and Capabilities:

  • Multi-tasking lathes with bar feeding and robotic part unloading
  • Reduced setups – enhancing efficiency and minimizing scrap, thereby reducing labor material costs.

Equipment & Capabilities

2019 UMC500SS:

Precision & Power in One Machine

  • Size Capacity: 18” Swing (Diameter) x 16” Tall, supporting up to 500 lbs
  • Tool Capacity: 50 ATC, offering extensive versatility for a wide array of applications
  • High-Speed Performance: 15,000 RPM spindle for rapid and accurate machining
  • Unparalleled Accuracy: Achievable tolerancing of .005” for three datum positioning, with linear tolerancing of +/- .002


2015 UMC750SS with 20 APC:

“Lights-Out” Automation

  • Size Capacity: 27” Swing (Diameter) x 20” Tall, with a weight limit of 660lbs
  • Tool Capacity: 40 ATC for a versatile range of applications
  • High Speed: 15,000 RPM spindle ensures quick and precise machining
  • Precision Tolerancing: Achieves .005” for three datum positioning, with linear tolerancing of +/- .002”
  • Automated “Lights-Out” Capability: A 10”x10”x10” size capacity allows for continuous unmanned operation
  • 20 Station Automatic Pallet Changer: Enables the machine to run for approximately 20 hours without an operator if a part has a 1-hour run time, maintaining 5-axis accuracy throughout.


Mazak HQR100MSY Multi-Tasking Turning Center:

  • Dual Spindle, Dual Turret with 10,000 RPM Milling Capabilities on both turrets
  • Equipped with Bar Feeder and Robotic Part Unloader for efficient operations
  • Achieves Done-in-One operations for any part fitting into a 2″ diameter circle, eliminating saw cutting, labor handling, and deburr operations
  • Offers robotic loading/unloading for larger volume orders, handling parts larger than 2″ in diameter and providing machining capacity of 11″ diameter x 10″ long

Our Certifications

ISO 14001 - Precision Engineering
ISO 27001 - Precision Engineering
AS9100 - Precision Engineering
Certified Woman Owned Business
ITAR Registered Manufacturer - Precision Engineering


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