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Specializing in Vacuum & Dip Brazing for Aerospace/Defense and Critical Industrial Sectors

Custom Solutions

  • Streamlined processes, tailored to your specific requirements – from design to delivery.
  • State-of-the-art vacuum furnaces


Quality Assurance

  • Certified to AS9100
  • Compliance to AWS C3.7 and AMS 2700

Core Services

Aluminum Vacuum Brazing

  • Joining metals with minimal oxidation.
  • Can be performed on metal objects with differing dimensions.
  • Ideal for high-level thermal performance applications, requiring strict consistency.


Aluminum Dip Brazing

  • Cost-effective, efficient method for joining aluminum components, by flowing a filler metal between the joint interfaces.
  • Precise control over the process for consistent, reliable outcomes
  • Perfect for complex 3-D geometries like chassis, housings, & waveguides

Value-Added Services

Design and Engineering

  • From concept to final design, expert engineers bring your concept to life
  • Utilization of latest CAD & simulation tools for brazing optimization


Prototyping and Production

  • From prototyping to full-scale production

5 Amada CNC Laser & Turret Machines

* Lasers: 4,000 Watt
* Turrets: 58-station 4 A/I turret
* Turret speeds to 1800 hits per minute
* Sheet capacity sizes up to 60” x 120”
* Integrated and automated material handling load/unload systems
* Computer networked & built-in redundancies
* Multiple machines capable of processing same parts
* “Lights Out” fabricating capability – Remote video monitoring

EML-K 3610 4KW
Laser/Punch Combo

58 Station, 4 A/I – 1800 Hits Per Minute
Capacity: 60″ X 120″ Max Sheet Size
M5-F750 Nitrogen Generator – 30 HP
VSD 3-Shelf RMP 510 – TK Parts Picker
Integrated Load/Unload – Material Storage Capacity: 16,000 lbs
3D Forming at Punching Stage
“Lights Out” Capability

FOMII 3015NT 4KW Laser

Max Thickness: Steel: 1-INCH – SS: 5/8-inch – Aluminum: 1/2-inch
Capacity: 60″ X 120″ Max Sheet Size
Repeatability +/- 0.0002″
M5-F1500 Nitrogen Generator – 60 HP
VSD ASLUL 8-Shelf Integrated Load/Unload – Mat’l Storage Capacity: 50,000 lbs
“Lights Out” Capability

Vipros 358K

58 Station, 4 A/I – 700 Hits Per Minute
Capacity: 50” X 120” Max Sheet Size
04PC Control
6 Shelf ASR 410 Integrated Load/Unload – Material Storage Capacity: 28,000 lbs
“Lights Out” Capability

Vipros 358K

58 Station, 4 A/I – 700 Hits Per Minute
Capacity: 50” X 120” Max Sheet Size
18P Control
2 Shelf MP 1530 Integrated Load/Unload – Material Storage Capacity: 10,000 lbs
“Lights Out” Capability

Pega 345

58 Station, A/I – 300 Hits Per Minute
6M Control Stand Alone/MP Ready


~ Extensive Tooling Library
~ Togu Manual Tool Grinder
~ Togu III Automatic Tool Grinder
~ NCT3 Turret Tapping Tools

Material Thickness

Lasers & Turret Punches: 0.012 to 1 inch

Material Type

Common Material Types: Aluminum, Hot & Cold Roll Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized & Galvannealed Steel, Copper, Brass, Inconel, Plated Material, Pre-Painted Material, Lexan


Solidworks, SMP Merry Mechanization, Nestmaster Nesting Software, Amada Dr. Abe Blank & Dr. Abe Bend, Amada Sheet Works

Our Certifications

ISO 14001 - Precision Engineering
ISO 27001 - Precision Engineering
AS9100 - Precision Engineering
Certified Woman Owned Business
ITAR Registered Manufacturer - Precision Engineering


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